Materials & Product Care

Wood | Bone | Gemstone

Beads are colorful, durable and fun. Some of our collections consist of  betel nut, patikan and bayong exotic wood, horn, textured bone pendants, onyx, red carnelian, tiger-eye, hematite, and one of  our favorites; amethyst (the friendship stone) Other unique stones like those interesting flecks found in naodelite. These and other gems can add an earthy or rustic charm to your personal style. 

Glass | Crystals | Quartz

Iridescent, pearlized glass beads and Murano® glass pendants, with various faceted shaped Swarovski® crystals and crystallized elements (even our confetti resin pieces) are just some of the combinations you'll find in our earring, necklace and bracelet statement pieces. 

Pearls | Shells 

Genuine freshwater pearl beads, various shell types such as abalone mother of pearl (MOP), marine shells, puka shells; perfect for special occasion pieces- are all from naturally sourced products and from ethical merchants that provide the best quality in unique beads and shells. 

Metals |  Leather

Metals including non-tarnish antique brass, copper, silver and gold charms and accents are filled and plated. Leather cords and ties including metallic and suede are from genuine cowhide for durability and long wear. We are committed to the process in creating limited one-of-kind jewelry products that are environmentally friendly and safe.

Storing Your Jewelry 

  • Try to avoid wearing any type of jewelry while swimming or in the shower especially metal and wood. Hard water and chlorinated water can be harsh. 
  • Avoid storing your metal jewelry in humid areas. Humidity can cause all metals to tarnish over time.
  • Store your metals and all other jewelry pieces in an airtight cloth bag. Keep each piece separately to prevent scratching.       
Keeping Your Jewelry Clean

  • To clean wood jewelry; wipe with a damp cloth then use linseed oil, natural beeswax, or apply a wood finish or a clear sealant to waterproof and restore shine.
  • To clean bone jewelry; use a damp cloth to remove residue then use coconut oil to restore shine. 
  • To clean abalone shell jewelry; use warm water, a soft brush to remove dirt, let dry and polish with mineral oil or vitamin e oil. 
  • To clean metals, crystals, glass and pearls; simply use an over-the-counter mild non-abrasive jewelry cleaner or use your own diy method.
Tips When Wearing Earring Hooks & Metal Sensitivity

  • Don't wear your earrings for extended periods of time. 
  • Apply a few coats of clear nail polish or ointment onto hooks to protect your skin. 
  • Purchase plastic sleeves that slide onto earring hooks. 

If you have further questions on the materials used and on how to clean and restore products, feel free to Contact Us 

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