Pink Copper & Love Stones: Jewelry with Versatility

Versatility is the key to getting the most out of your favorite wardrobe piece or accessory. With this three strand necklace you can put together multiple looks to beautifully fit your style. Luscious, eye-popping colors of pink and rose Swarovski crystallized elements, with pink and mauve iridescent glass beads, rhodonite and naodelite gemstone chips and copper metal accents, fashioned with a copper wire-wrapped rose quartz stone. 

The versatile neck piece is garnished with pink & rose Swarovski elements, copper metal accents, pink & mauve iridescent glass beads and rhodonite gemstone chips. *Rhodonite stones have pink, brown and black color markings. Together these colors are said to have strong healing properties that balance emotions. Just wearing the choker alone can inspire good vibrations of confidence and love. Rose quartz or sometimes known as pink quartz is said to be a symbol for love and beauty. Not only does this stone have healing properties but may also stimulate intellect even imagination as well as opening your heart to receive inner peace and friendship.

The naodelite gemstones complete the necklace, bracelet and earrings. The main characteristics about these stones are said to be healing, grounded, and protective. The infused colors of pink, peach, white and black speckled on a grayish green stone makes them a perfect combination with the sparkling pink and rose crystals, copper metals, and the mauve & pink mix of glass beads and rhodonite gemstone chips. To the wearer of this necklace relish in it's versatility, charm and rustic beauty and take comfort in the protective qualities of the rose quartz and the powerful energizing properties of copper.

*Pink Rhodonite and naodelite gemstone earrings with textured copper metals
*Three strand necklace with a pink rose quartz gemstone wire wrapped with a copper pendant, metal and gemstone accents. (Beaded Choker insert is 14" detached: all 3 strand is 18").
*Three strand wrap-around bracelet/choker with copper chain and rhodonite gemstone stones, pink crystals and naodelite oval gemstones. Bracelet with extension is 15" which can easily fit necklines 12" to 13 1/2"to wear as a choker. 
*Quartz pendant is interchangeable with choker or complete necklace.
*Pink rose quartz pendant is wrapped in 99.9% tarnish free pure copper protection. 

Thank you for viewing one of many versatile jewelry pieces to come. For this charming versatile neck piece go to  Necklace Pendant and Earrings is sold separately


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