Unisex Tribal Necklaces

1) The black, red and white are bold, solid colors with personality that commands attention. Everyone loves to wear the color black! Whether it's a black tie, power suit, or a casual tee black has always been a solid color that just looks great! The man or woman that wears black represents power and exudes confidence and fearlessness. The black onyx combined with the three black bamboo coral sticks and black long beads creates a shield of triple black, protection that deflects negative energy. While fiery red passion and the white balance connection will draw in positive energy. So to the wearer of this necklace, you are a mysterious, assertive, powerful being.

2) Say yes to pearls! Women as well as men have worn these adorning beads as a show of honor and fame, from casual chokers to protective amulets and elegant cuff links. In my research I've come across several online articles that show men wearing pearls from the ancient African Egyptian Pharaohs to Eastern Princes and European Royals. Pearls have always been associated with wealth and prominence making them sought after for their power and value. Because pearls are so versatile in style and price, anyone that wears them will add a touch of class to their wardrobe. So to the wearer of this awesomely sexy, warrior inspired necklace let the pearls of wisdom along with the stability of dark brown wood, and the strength of bone and spear guide, enrich and empower your life!

3) I love this combination of the turtle chill'n on a soapstone pad. As I remember the pet turtle was always a childhood favorite especially among males. Throughout history the turtle has had some interesting roles in many cultures. However, in ancient Egyptian traditions the turtle was a favorite sacred symbol for divine guidance. When worn as an amulet or a talisman it provided a shield of protection from evil spirits. This is why you'll find so many Ancient Egyptian statues wearing animal headdresses to symbolically connect with the animal's nature. Even in death the importance of the turtle had a place in royal burials, it was to provide the wearer safe passage to the Afterlife. The nature of the turtle is said to be wise and steadfast as it's shell is protective and timeless. That combined with soapstone harmonizing marble-like qualities creates a symbolic talisman of strength and endurance.

4) Brown Spear shaped pendant with white imprinted fossilized turtle accented with rich brown 20mm wood rounds and kamagong wood ovals and white carved beads. The smooth oval type kamagong wood also called tiger ebony is considered an exotic wood made from the "Mabolo" fruit tree found only in the Philippines. Mabolo in Filipino means "hairy" which describes the fruit's exterior. The fruit tree is also an endangered species and is protected by Philippine law. Danger! It's obvious to the wearer of this exotic masterpiece, there's only one of you. When others see you they'll automatically want to protect you. Honored by those positive actions, you make your mark with a lasting impression of peace and safety.

5) The woman or man behind the mask necklace is whose style is simplistic but bold. The coco or brown wood beads represent an earthy foundation that promotes an air of sophistication and elegance while the beige beads sets the stage for a neutral and ethereal mood. The beige against the brown is your open canvas of picturesque moments waiting to be shared. In one moment you're relaxed in a comfortable leather chair; stable, at home. In the next moment you're on the beach, soaking up the rays; cool, and confident. Both of these colors are a delicious combination that will create harmony and balance to your life. To the wearer of this necklace you're grounded like a warm and cozy fire but not too sophisticated to roam and seek adventure.      

There's always a story or some history about your favorite jewelry piece. These are just five anecdotal tales. Now, you can make anyone these your own. 

Unisex Tribal Necklaces


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