Purple Amethyst Agate Nugget Bracelet w/ Purple Jade Amethyst chips & Copper Accents

This awesome arm candy bracelet features an amethyst agate nugget with amethyst and purple dyed jade gemstone chips, textured copper metal accents with a pink glass bead and a copper butterfly dangle charm. Pair the bracelet with the necklace and you have a beautiful set that will enhance your favorite spring/summer outfit.

Brand: (Nahj) Navah Adi Jewelry
Style: Nugget bracelet
Color: Amethyst, purple tones
Material: Gemstone, glass, metal
Size:*Bracelet fits comfortably up to 9"
Closure: Toggle
Condition: New, handmade
*Go to Necklaces and Earrings to mix and match
Size: 9 inches cm Color: Purple Amethyst
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On Sale WAS $23.99

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