Handcarved Wood Ankh Pendant Necklace w/ Bead Mix & Shamballa Bracelet Set

This necklace features a mix of cherry wood and mini black round wood beads with black and white round/tube carved beads; surrounded in green crescent shaped betel nut beads strung on a black leather cord. The Ankh is hand carved from sycamore tree branches which both were sacred to the ancient Nubians and Egyptians. You'll enjoy wearing this ankh piece as a talisman; the crescent shaped green betel nut beads caress the cherry wood bead like a solar disc headdress that was worn by ancient Egyptian goddesses and gods. The ankh and the circle patterns on the carved beads both represent a continuation of inter-relationships, long life, health and prosperity.

Brand: (Nahj) Navah Adi Jewelry
Style: Jewelry set
Color: Red black green beads
Size:*Necklace is 23"
Shamballa style bracelet with cherry wood and black/white carved beads. Features rich cherry
wood round beads; accented with black and white carved beads. A black leather drawstring with macrame' knots tie in a crescent shaped green betel nut bead for extra style.
*Bracelet fits wrists up to 11"
Material: Wood, betel nut, leather
Closure: Toggle and Macrame tie
Condition: New, handmade
A modern handmade necklace and bracelet with a little mix of ancient mythology. Wear this set with your favorite tee shirt and jeans.
*Make this a gift for yourself or someone special.
*Hint this set can also be unisex.
Color: Red, black, green
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